Sidewalks Promote Community Health

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Sidewalks Promote Community Health

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Sidewalks Promote Community Health
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This research was conducted to demonstrate how sidewalks contribute to the general well-being of an individual.Although most people have always stayed conscious of their environment and contributed in one way or another to improving it, little emphasis is being put on sidewalks. Most people simply view them as mere paths they use when getting from place to place. However, there are underlying benefits that come with sidewalks.This is what this paper seeks to unearth.

Sidewalks have a great role to play in contributing to the overall health and well-being of a person.

There are several factors that contribute to the general well-being and health of a person. Key among these factors is our surroundings.The environment we stay in brings us into contact with essential commodities such as land, water and air. To stay healthy requires that we use various means at our disposal to make these commodities better so that we acquire them in a better state and utilize them to enhance our well-being.
Sidewalks serve as a meeting place and promotes contact between people of different races, religion and culture. Sidewalks, especially in the urban, are often designed to restrain human traffic from the road. (Hoehner and Christine et al.,2003) This draws huge traffic along the sidewalks enhancing contact and interaction among the users. This contributes to social well-being-one of the…

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