zimbabwe and angola’s relationship with china

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zimbabwe and angola’s relationship with china

Category: Research Proposal

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Research Paper Outline: Zimbabwe and Angola’s relationship with China
Thesis Statement: The paper compares and contrasts Angola and Zimbabwe’s relationship with China in relation to why, how they became so dependent on China and the outcomes of that severe dependency in each nation.
The economic presence of China in Africa, especially in Zimbabwe and Angola, has led to fierce debate among key global economic players about the nature of their involvement and its implication on the continent (Chazan). China investment in Zimbabwe ranging from the expansion of power plants to the construction of a supercomputer center highlights China’s activities in the Southern African country (Ojakorotu and Rumbidzai 18). Zimbabwe became dependent on China because of the ailing economy in the African state. However, this dependency dates to the liberation war times. During this time China offered Zimbabwe monetary and military aid. Even after the African country attained independence, China maintained funding Zimbabwe. In Angola, China has financed the rehabilitation of the Luanda Railway and the construction of electric distribution line among other key projects (Alves). Angola depended on China for funding after the civil war. The government of Angola sought for Chinese funding after the International Monetary Fund opted to give them a conditional loan. The two countries sought to divert their attention to the Chinese country that promi…

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