Mass incarceration

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Mass incarceration

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Mass Incarceration
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Mass incarceration is a growing issue that leads to social inequality and undermines the basic civil rights movement goals in America. It is an area in need of special attention because it causes many problems in the country both directly and indirectly. One problem is that mass incarceration is a target based on race. When African Americans are labeled as criminals, this creates a path for legal discrimination. It is also believed that homelessness and incarceration increase each other’s risk. Incarceration is also attributed to mental health issues by possibly exerting collateral damage upon those living in high rated incarceration neighborhoods. This suggests that the effect specifically the mental health effect of mass incarceration is extended beyond whom is incarcerated. The children of African Americans are more prone to incarceration induced homelessness. Prison boom is considered a major cause of the growing racial inequalities in child homelessness. Given the various challenges presented in relation to imprisonment, this research proposal aims at determining how mass incarceration impacts on racism, discrimination, homelessness, mental health, and children.
Mass incarceration is a serious challenge in the American criminal justice system. It is said to be a growing issue that leads to social inequality in the country and undermines the basic civil rights movement goals. It is an area in a…

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