Should we give up cash to save the trees?

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Should we give up cash to save the trees?

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Should we give up cash to save the trees?
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Should we give up cash to save the trees?
Giving up cash for trees means that we would have fresh air, shelter, and our soils would stabilize. Going green means that a lot of money and energy is saved. When more trees are planted, this will go a long way in fixing the amount of pollution that has accumulated over the years. The weather that has been drastically changing would stabilize. The soil that has lost a lot of its nutrients would start to become rich and more crops would be grown. Saving trees is a sure way of saving what has been depleted and getting so much more from the environment, for example planting deciduous trees can be beneficial because they provide warmth in the winter and cool shade in summer. However, giving up cash for trees is an ideal that would never become possible without money.
Choosing to save trees is an expensive exploit that needs a lot of money. It would require buying seeds, planting and maintaining those trees till they grow to their full size. It also requires a lot of research on the best trees to plant in particular areas. Research costs a lot of money. Saving trees is a great idea, in theory, but implementation would be hard and not possible without money.
Money is vital in any economy. It is what drives a country. Without money, countries would not flourish. Even if we started practicing barter trade, it would not be enough. Money has mor…

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