should cell phones be banned while driving?

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should cell phones be banned while driving?

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Should the Use of Cell phones while Driving should be banned?
Cellular phones and personal communications devices have become a necessity in our society. Proponents of the ban, say that distractions associated with cell phone use while driving are more dangerous than other distractions. Opponents of cell-phone restrictions think drivers are more easily distracted by other everyday activities, such as talking to the person in the passenger seat. Thus, driving is a privilege. Therefore, cell phone use should be banned while driving because phones cause the driver to be distracted and causes accidents.
To begin with, talking on a phone while driving reduces the competence level to control the vehicle as well as lose focus on the road. For example, the driver has to multitask by dividing their attention between the phone and driving. At any given time, the driver can instantly cause an accident. In the article “A Decrease in Brain Activation Associated with Driving When Listening to Someone Speak”, the author states “that simulated driving performance is also disrupted by conversations using hands-free devices and epidemiological studies of real-world accidents suggest that users of hands-free phones are just as likely to have an accident as users of hand-held devices “. More precisely, driving and using a cell phone are two separate activities. Speaking on a portable mobile phone is an anti-social activit…

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