Should animals be kept in zoos or aquaria?

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Should animals be kept in zoos or aquaria?

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Zoos and Aquaria: a Prison for the Innocent
Halah Al Mohsen
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Zoos and Aquaria: A Prison for the Innocent
“Elephant dies in Islamabad zoo due to Staff Negligence.” The shocking news was revealed at the Islamabad Zoo in Pakistan on May 2012. Saheli (the elephant’s name), was brought to the zoo as a gift from Government of Sri Lanka. Such incidences of exploitation and negligence to animals occur across various zoos, but only a few are reported.
Zoos and Aquaria are places that house various species of animals. These places provide us with aesthetic and academic resources. However, in these places animals are conserved in ex-site conditions, which are away from their normal habitats. In zoos and aquaria, we find animals in different ranges based on body sizes and different environments. The diversity of animals and other related species provides us with enjoyment and provides us knowledge regarding various aspects of the animal kingdom. However, keeping these animals away from their natural habitats puts them under stress and agony of captivity. Hence, there are two perspectives of analyzing whether animals should be kept in captivity or must be encouraged to live in their natural habitats like forests or reserved regions.
From the perspective of animal rights activists and environmental preservation bodies, it is an act of inhumanity since animals are deprived of their natural habitats and compromises with their freedom. From …

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