Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

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Sexual Harassment in Workplace – Implications and Solutions
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Sexual harassment has become quite a prominent subject of study during the last decade after the emergence of evidence that has allowed it to be addressed on every level. On the international level, different organizations including the United Nations and International Labor Organization (ILO) provides a framework for a different organization to implement their policies in accordance to it. On the other hand, different governments provide a legal and litigation outlook of the perspective to maintain the environment in the workplace. The paper has also looked into different modes of communicating grievances together with various responsibilities of supervisors and managers in any organizational setting. Development of sound policy is surely one of the most promising solutions in solving sexual harassment issues and is a useful preventive measure. Apart from that, organizations also look forward to conducting different seminars and training on sexual harassment for both employers and employees.

Sexual Harassment in Workplace – Implications and Solutions
During the last few decades, a growing awareness related to the extent and existence of sexual harassment in the workplace is quite commonly observed. In this regard, employers’, governments and different workers’ organizations have stepped into the ground for challenging thi…

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