Sexual Harassment and Employee Underperformance

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Sexual Harassment and Employee Underperformance

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Sexual Harassment and Employee Underperformance
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Sexual Harassment and Employee Underperformance
Sexual harassment and employee underperformance are key issues that managers might encounter at the workplace. Sexual harassment is a behavioral issue that managers encounter among employees. Hejase (2015) defines sexual harassment as any non-verbal, verbal, or physical sexual advances that intend to violate other people’s dignity by intimidating, humiliating, or degrading them. Victims of sexual harassment experience low job satisfaction, decrease in their work productivity and may fail to report to work regularly. Contrariwise, employee underperformance occurs when an individual fails to accomplish tasks or perform assigned duties and roles to the required organizational standards. According to McMahon (2013), employee underperformance is a performance issue that arises when expectations are not made clear, there is too much workload, employees are not trained adequately, or if the wrong person was hired for the job.
A key objective for curbing employee sexual harassment involves the use of a fair complaint procedure in the investigation of sexual harassment charges. This objective is essential in protecting employees from workplace harassment given that organizations implement sexual harassment policies, and employees report the incidences, but the cases are not dealt with the seriousness they deserve. Dur…

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