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Family and Consumer Science
Family forms a core aspect of social dynamics and as highlighted in the different study modules of the Family and Consumer science, the family structure remains at the center of consumer models. The topic discusses economics from a family basis categorically breaking down the usually complex economic models to simpler family wants and resources. According to Kay and Sharon (on page 15) the topic, students are exposed to various economic drivers that peg on consumer culture and perceptions without bringing on the macroeconomic complexities. The topics in the course help learners identify the different needs within the economic spectrum and relate them to human development, financial decision, quality in life, choices and preferences, as well as marketing strategies that have continuously targeted the family unit as an economy (Kay and Sharon 16).
The significant aspect of the unit, however, based on its comprehensive coverage of decisions prioritizing how family wants have continuously shaped economic decisions both at the micro and macro levels of decision making (Kay and Sharon 10). The decisions have remained a representation of a number of sectors that family economics has helped shape including labor, consumer concerns, market research, housing, as well as housing. Learners of family and consumer science have hence become professionals playing an important role in the different sectors of the economy. Surpr…

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