Sex Addiction

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Sex Addiction

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Sex Addictions
Attention Getter: Jessie James, Tiger Woods, and Michael Douglas are three noticeable celebrities that all suffer from sex addiction.
Psychological Orientation: At the end of this presentation, discuss if you feel that it is a true addiction or just another way to cover lies.
Credibility: Working in the Professional Medical Field with a psychiatrist I’ve encountered this types of issues in patients.
Logical Orientation: Today we are going to take a subjective look at sex addiction, and I am going to inform you on sex addiction by examining the definition and causes of sexual addiction, exploring the signs and symptoms of sexual addiction, and assessing the diagnosis and treatments.
Connective to the body of speech: By the end you’ll be able to recognize if someone you know is a sex addict.
1st Main Point
Examining the definition and causes of sexual addiction
Subpoint: Sexual addiction is said to be the behavior of a person who has an unusually intense sex drive or an obsession with sex then feels guilty about it.
– Supporting material: The thought of a sex addict tends to be dominated by sex or sexual pleasure.
Subpoint: This thought makes it difficult for a sex addict to have a healthy personal relationship.
Supporting material: Like all any other addiction, sex addicts also tend to blame others for their issues
Connective to the body of speech: They deny their problems, attempt to rationa…

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