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Self Esteem

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Self-esteem in terms of psychology and sociology reflects the individuals’ entire emotional analysis and one’s worthiness. It is a personal evaluation and judgment towards oneself. Self-esteem may incorporate emotions and a belief of what one feels is competent or he or she deserves. The emotions may comprise shame, despair as well as triumph, and pride. Hence, self-esteem refers to how we feel or perceive negative or positive self-assessments.

The main purpose of this paper, therefore, is to discover the topic of self-esteem or self-integrity by asking five participants three questions: How do they define self-esteem? What do they think lowers self-esteem? What do they think raises self-esteem? To further explore the topic, I will also research the literature regarding the three questions.

Self-esteem is how we value ourselves and how we carry ourselves in front of other people. Self-esteem gives the ability to gather confidence in all that we do and dictates how we do it.

Low self-esteem is caused by incapacitating states that retain people from recognizing wholly abilities and potential. An individual with low self-esteem may feel incapable, incompetent as well as unworthy.
Positive thinking and positive talks can be used to improve self-esteem. The significance of self-esteem is that an individual is able to realize the causes of low esteem and techniques that he or she can apply to maintain very high esteem that increases an individual pe…

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