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Self Assessment

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In most instances, the limitations we experience in life are usually self-inflicted whereby people become hindrances to their progress in life. Human beings are naturally born social and this means that the opinion of others has an impact on the decision we make. I decided to carry out a self-evaluation to identify some of the weakness and strengths as well as some of the characteristics linked to my personality. According to (Maxwell 19), it is from here that I will be in a position to make the necessary changes in my life and discover my potentiality. Using the categories given for my self-assessment it will be possible to know exactly what it entails being an astounding member of the society.
When it comes to what I feel about myself, I have never had a problem with my physical appearance and the achievements I have made so far. I am an excellent swimmer and this has given me the opportunity to win several awards in my hometown and across state lines.
However, I still feel that we success others are bound to be jealous and hence it can be difficult to have genuine friends (Maxwell 45). This is because I am very reserved and rarely make new acquaintances. I have developed a habit of not changing friends and this has generally made others think that am a snob and intolerable when it comes to interacting.
I would want to become an outgoing person use my talent of swimming to make …

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