Self and Society

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Self and Society

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Self and Society
Self and society in anthropology is the study of one’s individuality and personality. However, it incorporates the influence of society on these aspects of an individual. This paper discusses different social behaviors. It also discusses the different ways the society has helped in influencing the behavior of those in question. The two reading used in the completion of this paper provide the reader with an understanding of the key issues involved in social conformity. The paper delves into the basics of socialization, social norms, and rites of passage. It also discusses in detail the stages of socialization involved in the readings. The paper also discusses the way the readings contribute to the debate on structure versus agency. The report helps the reader understand how the readings used differ from how psychology differs in the analysis of identity in comparison to anthropology. The final example used helps one understand the basics of self and society.
Socialization refers to the act of an individual communally interacting with other people in a given society. However, the main aim of socializing is to ensure that one can positively enjoy the company. Socialization provides an individual with the opportunity to learn new things while teaching other new things. It is also an opportunity for an individual to set standards and understand the standards set by others. The bene…

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