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Select theoretical concepts

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German Forces and the British Army memoirs
Theoretical concepts
World War one resulted in a collection of various war books and novels. Tragically, insightful work based on the subject of troopers’ Encounters of the World War 1 intended to embrace the writing to frustration basing on the illustrative of the perspectives of most fighters who battled in the prevailing war. On the other hand, war journals speak to a wide variety of perspectives; a few officers delighted in the on-going war that some of the soldiers hated it, however, most of this soldiers were not able to choose how they felt about the prevailing. This paper contains selected theoretical concepts obtained from reading a various autobiography, just and unjust wars and other supplemental reading. The paper also contains a comparison and contrast of some aspect of war memoirs from different wars. (Stone, 2009)
At the beginning of world war one, the use of traditional and modern firearms and machines was utilized. It leads to very deadly conflicts but paved way political reforms and revolutions it various nations that were involved. During the war, the great economic powers were drawn into the struggle, with each having its unique interests.
Over time, the principles of war to establish different forms of warfare’s other besides conventional warfare was subjected to very active debates. With regards to doctrine, the British and US war principles had…

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