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Paradise Lost

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Paradise Lost, The Iliad, and other classical epics
In an epic, a hero is a noble and brave character who is affected by significant events and admired for many great achievements (Wallace). Paradise Lost presents Satan as a hero. Milton’s Satan is portrayed as a compelling and powerful character with extreme pride and courage risking and fighting everything for a specific cause (Steadman). This way, he gains the reader’ sympathy especially the ones who are trying to associate with his pain and failure.
Since he has a tragic flaw, hubris, Satan resembles a tragic hero. Although he has less power than God, he goes to the extent of starting a revolt against His tyranny with the aim of overcoming God. Paradise Lost presents him as a leader with a plan. Just like an admirable leader, Satan inspires and consoles the fallen angels to continue the war against God without accepting defeat.
There are many differences between the Paradise Lost, the Iliad and other classical epic poems. These include
Subject matter.
The Paradise Lost uses Christian stories and Biblical texts while the Lliad and others use classical and mythology notions of war and heroes to build their epic stories (
Side stories and characters.
Although it incorporates dual narratives, the Paradise Lost concentrates on the two interweaving stories. However, classical epics deviate from the main subject, giving great emphasis on myths and other character…

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