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Pierre Delacroix’s Character in the Film “Bamboozled”
Bamboozled is a stinging black satire television show that revolves on an Ivy League learned black writer, Pierre Delacroix working for a major TV network. In this film, each character including Pierre is unique in their way, they have distinctive motivations and have their perspective concerning race (Uçar 4). Pierre is a key character in the film, and in this paper, the focus will be to describe his character, motivations, and perspective regarding the topic of race.
Pierre is a black graduate from Harvard University who works as a scriptwriter for CNS. Pierre attributes his lack of breakthrough to his white and racist boss. Pierre is depicted as an ambitious man as evidenced by his idea to feature a show on race. Regardless of his high-end education background, Pierre is depicted as a neurotic person who regularly frets with the concept of race (Uçar 4). In his proposed show, Pierre strives to represent the black characters as positive, sophisticated and intelligent and of equal standing in the society as their white counterparts. His boss, who is portrayed as a racist, rejects all scripts presented by Pierre.
Following this turn of events, Pierre is motivated to engage the management in mind games by creating a show that portrays blacks as inferior. Surprisingly his bosses accept the new scripts and describe them as work of ingenuity. The show proceeds …

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