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I found a score of 85 on emotional intelligence surprising. It was impressive to learn that I have impeccable control over emotions, development of the interpersonal relationship, and the potential to express feelings. The self and social consciousness should foster my leadership skills. A sound cognitive status and a low locus of control differed with my expectations. I expected I had limited control over the outcomes of events associated with my life considering I am a college student who is still learning. Additionally, I have found myself blaming others for misfortunes such as poor grades, which should have translated into the high locus of control.
A high score of 90 on tolerance of ambiguity shows an apparent weakness. I would like to improve the capacity to deal with uncertainties, conflicting directions, multiple demands, and unpredictability within and beyond the college level. Tolerance for ambiguity denotes individual’s ability to operate in an uncertain environment with effectiveness (Zvolensky, Bernstein, and Vujanovic 8). Additionally, the low tolerance for ambiguity would be an impediment in work setting. The trait implies I cannot deal with team conflicts, delivering quality during recessions, and dealing with an abusive colleague. The weakness shows that I cannot benefit from a reasonable working environment under extreme or unexpected pressures.
I felt core self-evaluatio…

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