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Peer Response

Peer Response
Peer 1
The answer was not linked to the question since the question is about psychological treatment, but you have talked about the mental disorder (Wright, 2011). I think you should try and express your answer on how the treatment influences ethics while using the biological models.
I think in the second question you are mixing yourself, and you do not hit the point (Barlow, Durand & Hoffman, 2018). I advise you to choose a relevant model like, for example, the Biopsychosocial model and provide the reason(s) why you think it is relevant.
You are right in saying psychological disorders are extreme expressions of rational behavior (De Haan, Lee, Fassbinder, Voncken, Meewisse, Van & Arntz, 2017). Make yourself more clearly by stating the differences, for example, talk about the accents to show the qualitative difference.
You have stated social and interpersonal cultures, but then you should be precise and make it short and direct to the question. Do not talk about stories of cultural set up in a society. When you talk about the cost of treatment explain how it is a problem, do not just mention and fail to describe (Wright, 2011). The same reasoning applies to cultural believes on psychological disorders where you should tell how diversity in culture can contribute to vulnerability and resistance to psychopathology.
Peer 2
You are on the right track where you have talked about the psychological disorder and biolo…

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