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Prompt 13: The Freedom of Information Act
The Freedom of Information Act refers to a federal law by the U.S. government that allows the public to get access to content held by the government bodies (U.S. Department of State). The access involves a written request in which the agencies are obligated to present information to an individual or institution unless the information is affiliated with either of the nine exemptions as highlighted by the act. The act includes entire Executive Branch agencies, federal corporations, and regulatory bodies. Nonetheless, institutions that include the federal courts, Congress and some sections of the Oval Office that purpose to provide advice and support to the president, are exempted from the act. It is important to note the court of law has the power to enforce the law (U.S. Department of State).
As per Hussain’s case, the federal courts are exempted from the act, and hence he will not be successful in getting information received by the court. For Ahmad’s case, he is protected by the act since he is an American citizen and therefore has the right to present a written request to the associated federal agency that he believes has a file on him. Therefore, when Ahmad files to receive the information concerning the act, the government is obligated to tell him. As per Jerry’s case, the Freedom of Information Act does not give him the ability to request the state department for the docum…

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