Section G: Designing Your Curriculum

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Section G: Designing Your Curriculum

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Section G: Designing Your Curriculum
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The training sessions in the training program would be based on the number of issues to be addressed. A community-based geriatric health care program would consist of three sessions per week, which would go on for four weeks. Each training session would be carried out for 45 minutes. A full program would require a longer period to allow the trainers to cover all the topics that they intend to teach. Further, senior citizens learn slowly compared to other groups due to the decline in learning ability as a person grows old. Training sessions would only take 45 minutes due to the low concentration levels of older adults. The training would go on for 4weeks. This duration is enough to cover the intended topics. It would be carried out three days per week as opposed to every day to allow them to engage in their activities. The various training sessions would cover different topics including health implications of consuming polluted water and the multiple ways they can prevent the contraction of various water-borne diseases. The training program would also encompass various issues affecting the senior citizens, including diet, exercise, injuries and other issues (Haber, 2013).
The training program would allow the senior citizens to receive the proper information regarding disease prevention, preservation of the environment, prevention of falls that cause injuries. Th…

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