Section 1983 & Correctional iability Issues (232)

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Section 1983 & Correctional iability Issues (232)

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Section 1983 & Correctional Liability Issues (232)
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Section 1983 & Correctional iability Issues (232)
Correctional Liability Issues in Section 1983 Cases
The Deliberate Indifference Standard argued by the American Supreme Court that the correct manner for investigating claims of denied medical care as per the Eighth Amendment is deciding deliberate indifference to a plaintiff’s needs by correction officers (Ross, 2014). Psychological Care concerns the psychological requirements of mentally impaired prisoners. The rulings used in this advocate for involuntary medication of mentally ill prisoners with the risk of harm and in order to stand trial.
American with Disabilities Act (ADA) protects prisoners’ issues through their Title II preventing a public institution or officer from discriminating against a disabled prisoner as per the Fourteenth Amendment (Ross, 2014). AIDS issue is provided for since correctional officers faced issues with sorting, accommodation, provision of medical care, and discretion apprehensions of prisoners with AIDS. These rulings dealt with the testing and treatment of such prisoners who are regarded by the ADA as having a disability (Ross, 2014).
Environmental hazards such as passive smoking led to the indifference standard applying to similar suits. Prison and Jail Conditions found to be in violation of the eighth and fourteenth amendments in the totality of circumstances were applied t…

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