Seawater Paper

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Seawater Paper

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Seawater Paper
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Seawater Paper
Water plays many roles in the entire life of the living things both animals and plants. The amount of drinkable water is little in comparison to the water that is not suitable for domestic human use. The percentage of water in the universe is greater than the actual land that man inhabits. The water in the universe may exist in either liquid or solid form (Emery, 2012).. Water is saline, fresh or estuarine water. Saline water is the one that has the highest salt concentration followed by estuarine water then fresh water is almost 0% of the salt concentration.
Physical properties of seawater
Thermal expansion of seawater is greater than of fresh water in the real sense the reason behind the high thermal expansivity is due to the available ions in the seawater. The thermal expansion increases with the increase in salinity. Thermal expansion coefficient increases with pressure in the seawater. Therefore, as the pressure increases a depth of the sea, it leads to greater and greater thermal expansion coefficient (Kawana, Yoshioka, Harashina & Mikuni, 2011).
The seawater records the highest refractive index of all the liquids. The high refractive index may be due to the many solvents that are in the seawater. Seawater, therefore, has a high refractive index than that of freshwater. Freshwater also has low salinity that is the…

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