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Every year, the world goes through four seasons, that is, summer, fall, winter, and spring. This results in various companies, products or services performing well at certain times. For example, during winter, snow on the roads might interfere with transportation. In such an occurrence, perishable products might not get to the market within the required time. A sector dealing with such commodities is most likely to perform exceedingly well during warm climate. Summer, spring, and fall have relatively warm temperatures when compared to winter; this makes the months suitable for outdoor activities. Winter might be considered the most dormant season. However, people still have to move from one place to another which leads to the thriving of businesses dealing with transportation such as the salt industries involved in the clearing of snow on roads. Also, some other companies or product perform well due to various festivals that occur at different times of the year.
Keywords: business, season, festivals.
January – Champagne
January experiences increased sales of champagne since this is the time when companies are clearing their stock; there might be various discounts available which makes customers buy more.
February – The Flower Industry
Flower sales improve significantly during February as a result of Valentine’s celebrations.
March – The Sports Industry
March is usually referred to as March madness due to bas…

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