scorched by Wajidi mouawad

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scorched by Wajidi mouawad

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Scorched by Wajidi mouawad
Violent experiences take different forms in any society with the victims experiencing constant problems with their lifestyle. The cycle of violence shows repeated and harmful acts of violence that are associated with doctrines and high emotions of revenging. Such patterns tend to repeat and happen over and over again as a person lives. This essay aims at exploring the cycle of violence as explained by Wajidi Mouawad in her play Scorched.
In her play, Mouawad expresses concern of a mother who spent the last five years of life in silence due to the kind of life experience she faced. The woman, whom Mouawad identifies as Nawal, had final wishes for her children. One of the children by the name Janine was supposed to deliver a letter a person whom they believed died a long time ago. The other child, Simon was given a task to deliver another letter to a person their identified as their brother, but the unfortunate is that they never knew that the brother existed. The moment the two will manage to deliver the letters, their mother will then rest peacefully in her grave. The play proceeds in between Simon and Janine struggle to fulfill the wishes of their mother and the kind of hardship their mother Nawal went through in a period of fifty years. Janis Dardaris and Jacqueline Antaramian express different stages of Nawal’s life, most so Janis shows amazingly shows the life of their elder lady.
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