School Bullys

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School Bullys

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School Bullys
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School Bullys
Roach, A. T., & Kratochwill, T. R. (2004). Evaluating School Climate and School Culture. Teaching Exceptional Children, 37(1), 10-17.
The authors present a clear evaluation of the school culture and how students are always bullied by their friends. The information critically presents various ways in which students are bullied and how such occurrences affect their overall grades and life while in school. There are various recommendations that are presented by the authors as they desire that the school system be changed to meet all the needs of their students.

The information provided by the authors is vital and timely as it presents various cases of bullying and how they can be mitigated. The work from the article can easily be used in the research as it fits perfectly with the provided topic.
Melzer, W., Oertel, L., Ottova, V., & Deutschland, H. B.-T. (2012). Mobbing and Violence at School. Trends from 2002 to 2010. Gesundheitswesen, 74, S76-S83.
The study by Melzer provides a clear understanding of how bullying develops among students in schools. It examines the behavior of students and how they usually end up bullying their fellow students. The study found out that the level of bullying among students has decreased in the past because of different behavioral changes that are always seen as the learners. Discipline levels have also increased because of cultural changes that have positively impacted…

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