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Scholarship application essay

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Scholarship Application
Logistics is the driving force of all business enterprises, and this motivates me to further my studies. One thing that will make a business stand out from its competitors is its unique products or services, and this is where logistics come into play. From my observations and diverse expertise, I have come to establish that for any business to outdo its competitors; it has to employ logistics to reach to clients all over the globe. To be relevant in the global business, I decided to pursue a bachelor’s in Supply Chain Management and Finance at the W. P. Carey School of Business. Within three and a half years I was through with my undergraduate studies, and I desire to pursue my masters in the same field and the same learning institution.
One of the values I hold dearly is honesty. In the business world, you have to win the trust of your clients, and this can only be attained by being honest. Honesty is a value that is important in academics since it is one of the values needed. Therefore, my tutors and fellow students can rely on me when it comes to being honest in exams and also when handling assignments. The second value that defines me is being hardworking. My perception is that for anyone to be relevant in the academic or professional world, then it is necessary to uphold the virtue of being hardworking. The third value that defines me is dedication. To achieve anything, one has to be dedicated to attaining whatever they desire. Were it not f…

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