Saving Capitalism Annotated Bibliography

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Saving Capitalism Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography on Saving Capitalism
Student’s Name
Annotated Bibliography on, Saving Capitalism
Journals examined
Sustainability Journal:2010
Cato Journal:2003
Articles examined
New York Times (Online), New York: New York Times Company:2015.
The Corporate Board:2017
Public Finance Quarterly:2012
Transition Newsletter:2003
SUM-Centre for Development and Environment:1999
Community Annotated Bibliography:2017
Capital Institute:2015
Capitalists antagonizing capitalism
Bottos, K. (2012). Saving Capitalism from Capitalists. Public Finance Quarterly, 1, 140-147.
Points out how insiders wield immense powers despite the endeavors of their countries towards passing legislation that would make financing of parties a clear and transparent process. ‘‘Government protection is not only needed by employees dreading unemployment, who are the hardest hit by globalism, but, first and foremost by the capitalists themselves, who are, so to speak, already insiders,’’ Bottos charges (page 140 paragraph 4).
Hirschler, V. (2003). Transition. The Newsletter About Reforming Economies- World Bank, 14, 7-9
‘‘Rajan and Zingales (2003) allude to the immense influence that oligarchs have, to the point of bribing legislators in a bid to have them pass laws that they deem favorable to them. They adduce that this is in a bid to counter President Vladimir Putin’s efforts towards raising revenues. The president is trying to achieve this through the threa…

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