Satirical advice

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Satirical advice

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Let’s face it, writing an essay is complicated. More often than not, students have to research and read a sizeable amount of books when they could be enjoying themselves and using their time in more interesting pursuits. Besides, even if they could, sometimes they just lack the time or the motivation. Hence, this set of instructions shall prove a priceless ally to struggling students.

Step one: Google “essay writing services.” Do not worry about the moral implications, most students do not do this because they are evil, they just need an extra pair of hands to help them through their academic life. Besides, it is not plagiarism per se. These sites write custom content. Anyhow, there are many ways to deceive instructors and they know them. Step two: If you are in California, New York, or Texas you are in luck, as statistics say those states hire the most ghostwriters in the country. Perhaps you have known one of them and you do not know. Third step: Expect low-quality work. Sadly, most of these writers (Unless you are willing to shell out a lot of cash) come from developing countries and might not be well-acquainted with the language. Step four: Sit back, relax and enjoy. This is the future, outsourcing your homework to get sweet grades. Picture it as a gamble, if it does not turn out as you wanted, you can do it yourself.

If these simple instructions did not suffice, students are welcomed to try and write their own essays. It might serve them as a practice of the wr…

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