Satirical advice: Cheat in exams

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Satirical advice: Cheat in exams

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Satirical advice: Cheat in exams

A student needs to have time alone in an exam room and make sure that he/she maintains enough silence to be able to concentrate. In such silence, nothing is more important than cheating in the same exam. The best thing that any student can ever experience is the time and need to cheat in the same exam. Honesty in exams should be left for those who have cowardice characters. There is a need to show bravery and make sure that one gets to copy very well in any exam. Whenever you cheat on an exam, there is a guarantee that such a paper can never show any form of difficulty no matter what the setter has shown in his paper quality.

Cheating is a habit that all the prosperous in education have ever embraced; all those that pretend to be very honest always end up be very desperate and fail in the same papers that they pretend to have understood through reading. The road to education to success is only through one path, and that is simply through cheating in exams. Lecturers and teachers always lie that one cannot succeed in teaching; I say today that it is the better means to easy success and sweet success too. Why stress so much when you are already meant to be successful by nature; this is easily achieved through just simply employing cheating techniques that have been proved to work and better regarding educational success. Several professors have advocated for this technique, and indeed I can also attest that it is working and that it is the cur…

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