RX Elderly Drug Abuse

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RX Elderly Drug Abuse

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RX Elderly Drug Abuse
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RX Elderly Drug Abuse
Bendix (2009), he came up with RX elderly drug abuse that the elderly adults used to regulate the pain that they were undergoing. Therefore, this paper shall discuss the factors that increase the risk of drug abuse in older adults. On the same note, the paper shall give a recommendation to an older person who expresses issues with overuse of pain RX.
Vulnerable elderly undergo a state of self-neglect since they fail to provide for their care and protect themselves. They even fail to thrive themselves in their environment. The cases of neglect do call for an assessment of the decisional capacity of the older adults in the society. Therefore, those older adults who possess may choose to live unwisely but intervention may not occur in these persons if they decline consent (Bendix, 2009). Therefore, an elderly may end up abusing the drugs prescribed to him due to self-neglect hence increasing the risk of drug abuse among the elderly.
The second factor that increases the risk of drug abuse among the elderly is the issue of financial abuse. The act is the nonconsensual appropriation of the resources of an elderly person by someone who has an ongoing relationship with to the elderly person (Bendix, 2009). The act includes; stealing money for personal use from the elderly, deception to surrender property, forgery and misuse of the power of attorney.
In general, I would recommend an older p…

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