Roosevelt and Wilson in social and economic reforms

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Roosevelt and Wilson in social and economic reforms

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Roosevelt and Wilson shared were similar in their approach to social and economic reforms. During their reign, Roosevelt persevered to preserve open spaces and parks through the National Park Service while Wilson utilized his reign to put in various educational reforms. Additionally, both presidents can be commended for their economic reforms as well. Roosevelt’s social reforms under the National Park Service became the axe that divided various large syndicates such as railroads and oil. Similarly, Wilson’s area of concentration was business and education. He established the Federal Trade Commission to encourage transparency in business. He also banned child labor and put into place maximum hours for railroad workers.
However, Roosevelt and Wilson differed in their opinions on Foreign Policy. Roosevelt wanted to take America to the heights of being a superpower through reforms and legislations, thus taking on realism. Wilson, on the other hand, was an idealist and wanted to preserve the isolation of America and avoid conflicts and trysts with other nations. Although both presidents wanted to save America from war, Roosevelt’s approach was more logical due his experience in the army CITATION Rob151 p “, par. 1-3” l 1033 (Robinson, par. 1-3).
Write at least one paragraph defending or criticizing imperialism.
The word ‘Imperialism’ may have be advertised as a tool for expansion and development, but is, in reality, a front for authoritarian control over smaller, underdevelo…

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