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Ronda my hero

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Ronda Rousey: My Hero
To most people, heroes are uncanny people; individuals with exceptional skills, blessed with talents mortals do not have. To others, heroes are everyday men and women that do not have those mythical qualities that would make them exceptional to the others. That is my case. To me, a hero is someone who shines above others because of their sheer perseverance and power of will. That is why, my hero is the Mixed Martial Arts fighter Ronda Rousey
Among her many virtues, the one who makes her a role model is her perseverance. Despite the hardships she lived through her childhood, and her problems to communicate, she managed to become an Olympic athlete and a professional fighter. To me, that is an example of an exceptional discipline.
Ronda is an impressive martial artist, and she represented the country in the Olympic and Pan American games, earning medals and accolades in each one of her appearances regardless of being among the youngest Olympic judo athletes. Her age is something that makes me admire her. For her many accomplishments are rare for someone her age. Most people would respect someone elder, whose success is more apparent. Ronda is someone whose many quarrels in life, have turned them into a perseverant and successful woman.
Another thing I admire about Ronda is that regardless the surprises life have given her, she remains calm and confident. To me, she resembles a r…

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