Role of Women in the Egyptian uprising

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Role of Women in the Egyptian uprising

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Role of Women in the Egyptian uprising
According to the observers, twenty to fifty percent of women who partook in protesting at Tahrir squire was not involved in the political negotiations in the highest military council and the opposing parties (Hafez, 37). Despite their participation in removing the Mubarak oppressive regime, their effort did not bear fruits.
Whereas the harassment of women in streets was approximately 90 percent, there was not even a single case that was reported from Tahrir Square during the days of appraisal. Additionally, it was just a few days after the revolution took place and women harassment was witnessed despite the years of their struggle for liberation (Hafez, 40). Similarly, despite the formation of ibn al Balad, there was the marginalization of women and denial of political participation. Their exclusion from the political participation brought the argument of the purpose of the uprising itself (Hafez, 40).
Additionally, despite their sleepless night and street demonstrations, the women rights were not honoured. An indicator of the women segregation was witnessed after naming the first group to initiate the negotiations with SMC as the Council of the Wise Men. This council excluded youth and women participation raising red flags for observers with the feminist inclination (Hafez, 40). Additionally, regardless of the women fight for new governance, they were caught unaware after …

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