Rights of Immigration

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Rights of Immigration

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Rights of Immigration

Immigration is a global concern involving entrance of a person into another county or region for permanent or temporary settlement. The number of immigrants has been increasing in the past decades as consequent of either pull or push factors related to county of destination or are within the native county. Population increase provides a direct reflection of people moving from their native country to seek for better life in other countries. Such movements are subjected to laws and policies to control influx entrance that may otherwise fuel pressure on available resources. Immigration are cause by either positive factors that are attractive in the county of destination or negative factors which are harmful in the native county. In order to justify that immigrants have no right, we should focus on causes and challenges related to immigration.
Causes of immigration
These are either external or internal factors that forces within the environment that contribute to immigration. Broad overview of factors causing immigration are classified as either push factors or pull factors. Push factors are negative factors present in the native country whereas full factors are attractive factors in the country of destination. Push factors includes economic fallout as a consequent of decrease in in monetary value and foreign exchange. The living standard in a given country can be determined by her performance in foreign exchange. Individuals are coerced to move from their…

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