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“Obstacles to job creation in America are as a result of policy, not of motivation” Rick Scott (Gitis, N.p.) Therefore, one of the main issues that affect job creation in America is the government policies that are put in place. These regulations by the government are a huge hindrance to the economy and job creation in particular in the nation. They are enormous threat to job creation, especially since they often tighten up the policies related to the creation of jobs in the market. These regulations often raise the expenses of organizations and in effect; they increase the cost of various products in the market (Gatusso N.p.).Therefore, the enforcement of these strategies has been a huge hindrance to the creation of jobs in the USA because it has complicated all the processes that lead up to the creation of employment in the nation.
Another factor that has affected job creation in the country is the deregulation of labor markets. The move has led to uncertainty in the sector, and the employees no longer commit to the companies. Therefore, the creation of more jobs has been put in jeopardy by the enactment of this policy (Gitis, N.p.). When an organization is unstable, and it is not able to retain employees, then it is difficult for that organization to offer employment opportunities to new workers because of its unstable mechanisms. In the US, this policy has set back the nation’s job market an…

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