Rhetorical Analysis The Ambassador Bridge

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Rhetorical Analysis The Ambassador Bridge

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This article features “The Ambassador Bridge” the busiest international crossing in commercial traffic in North America handling a vast number of vehicles annually. The author talks of its expansion due to the increased traffic in the United States resulted from the failure of the engineers of that time not considering the capacity of the bridge to handle an increasing population rate and its demand and supply of commodities, from people living in its environs to the improved means of transport as compared to the day of its making and how the government’s General Services Administration planned new customs facility to enhance adequate parking and storing of the large commercial trucks, the provision of offices for the customs clearing agents. Due to the site demolitions.
The author writes about the strategy of rhetorical writing are used by the writer to persuade and convince his audience that veteran writers use rhetorical strategies such as narration, process, description, definition, and division classification, compare and contrast, cause and effect, and explication. These help writers to become more flexible, creative, and effective. Writers use rhetorical appeals such as Logos, Pathos, and Ethos. Audiences can change their perspective through them. Logos that use through facts, cases, studies, and statistics express rational or appeal. Pathos expresses emotion such as fear, envy, patriotism, empathy, or inspiration, etc. Ethos expresses ethical appeal…

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