review of a non fiction book ( any non fiction book youve read)

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review of a non fiction book ( any non fiction book youve read)

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A review of the book Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert
In the book Eat, Pray, Love, Elizabeth is powered by a combination of intelligence, informal and mind excitement close to overpowering to come up with the thought of composing this book. This particular book has a spiritual link as it was composed as a historical journal that was innovatively built in 3 sections where each comprising of thirty-six short parts, coordinating the one hundred and eight beads on the customary prayer for Indian to God accessory. Elizabeth was thirty-one when her prosperous and marital way of life ran into difficult separation, preceded by a strong, loving relationship with David which ended up into a tragedy. After this, she decided to travel to Bali where she was to write an article about Yoga trips. It’s here where she again met Ketut, an Indonesian medicine man who advised her that she was so worried of life, and she desperately needed something else in her entire life. She then chose to spend almost a year abroad where she took four months in Italy, Bali and India. This trip was funded by her publisher who predicted in seeing what she would develop on this exceptionally uncommon profound journey (Gilbert).
The book utilizes typically the three words corresponding to the book’s three areas. It in turn alludes to a very structured year of Gilbert’s life, where she lived successively in the three distinct nations i.e. Italy, Indonesia and India to s…

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