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Review and Reflect

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Leadership Role and Teamwork in Nursing

Throughout my course, I have learned the importance of leadership and teamwork in the nursing profession. Effective leadership is important in improving the attendance of nurses, allocating appropriate responsibilities and reducing the cross-generational gap (Nelsey & Brownie, 2012). Leaders that portray a vision for the organization, good conflict resolution skills, guidance, support and motivation to all nurses achieve high levels of satisfaction in the workplace. We have different generations of nurses all practicing in the same workplace, generation X, Y and baby boomers. These generations have different employment values and needs that must all be catered for to ensure satisfaction is achieved.
Teamwork is an essential element in nursing which integrates member’s skills, knowledge, and attitudes. Successful teamwork leads to safe outcomes while dysfunctional ones inhibit productivity by increasing conflicts and reducing work performance. Teamwork should be beyond races, cultures and generational differences. Having acquired this knowledge, I will be a good team member to make sure we achieve the set organization goals by improving productivity, satisfaction and creating a favorable environment for both the workers and patients. With my dream of being in the management soon, I will use all the acquired skills to make sure I am a good leader who can comfortably work with nurses of all generations.
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