Review and assess franchise agreement

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Review and assess franchise agreement

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Franchise Agreement
A franchise relationship entails parties making a franchise agreement basing on factors like payment, location the franchise restrictions that ought to be followed and the termination method of the franchise. Because of using the franchise name, initially, the agreement states franchise to pay the large payment of capital to the franchise trademark. Also, all the whole income amount is to go to the franchisor. Also, the location of the franchise is determined by the agreement (Meade and Edward,466). For instance, if the franchise requires a building or to rent the agreement states who is responsible for paying for the premises. Business practices are included in the agreement by the franchisor and the business standards that must be met. This paper aims to discuss the responsibilities of a franchise partnership that should be inclusive in the agreement.
The franchise also expects a certain cleanliness level to be met by the franchisor. The Franchisor might require the franchise to meet recordkeeping requirements. To set the price of goods and services the franchisor buys some items from the franchise. The franchisor, however, set the rate at which the franchise will sell goods and products. The agreement denies the franchise contractual authority over the employees of the franchisor. For instance in the contract between Domino was the franchisor and Sui Juri’s was the franchisor. The Sui Juri…

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