Research topic on empathy and related coursework

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Research topic on empathy and related coursework

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Behavioral Psychology
Assignment One
Developing Research Question
Many studies have tried to examine the relationship between empathy and morality. Some authors have found that the two refer to the same thing while others have established that they are completely different concepts. The debate surrounding the relationship between the two areas of psychological study will be in existence for a long time as no study has conclusively come up with a logical explanation to describe the relationship. Nonetheless, this is an area of interest for any student of psychology. In this regard, the current study tries to confirm that the two cannot be used interchangeably. Therefore, the questions to be answered are:
What is the role of empathy in morality?
Can a person who lacks empathy make a moral decision?
To answer the research questions, the study must focus on the role of empathy and its epistemological necessity in identifying the right course of action in moral dilemmas as well as its role in the psychological motivation of people to make the right decisions.
It is important to note that empathy and morality are two distinct concepts. From the perspectives of Decety & Cowell (2014), the two motives have their unique goals and motivations. Empathy and morality cannot be used interchangeably because of their distinct nature. For empathy, emotions play a big part of empathic decisions. On the other hand, morality is influenced by the stan…

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