Research Paper Development Proposal

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Research Paper Development Proposal

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Research Paper Development Proposal
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Research Hypothesis:
Child abuse comes along with so many consequences that might be long-lasting if the situation is not identified and treated at an early stage to avoid the potential long-term effects that come with it.
Why This Is Important:
Research shows that the frightening experiences that come along with child abuse is a life-changing situation. The results would show up either during adolescence or until one is grown up and becomes the abuser to either his/her children or to the spouse. So any suspicious incident of a child being abused anywhere must be reported immediately so that investigation is conducted to stop and prevent the whole thing. An abused child will display certain characters that may include feeling unloved or even lacking faith in other and inability to establish a permanent and steady personal relationship with others (Petersen et al., 2014). This abuse is what makes them lack that emotional understanding and conviction.
Children who have been abused are usually also affected in a way that they start seeing themselves negatively and become inactive. They turn into hot-tempered individuals, full of fury and nervous at everything that comes their way. Child abuse will make the abused children engage in risky and inappropriate behaviors such as alcohol and drug abuse, use of tobacco and also indulge in sexual activities such as having unprotected sex (Petersen et…

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