Research 5 viable academic research articles

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Research 5 viable academic research articles

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Research 5 Viable Academic Research Articles
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Research 5 Viable Academic Research Articles
Crevier, M., Marchand, A., Nachar, N., & Guay, S. (2015). Symptoms Among Partners, Family, and Friends of Individuals with Posttraumatic Stress Disorder: Associations with Social Support Behaviours, Gender, and Relationship Status. Journal of Aggression, Maltreatment & Trauma, 24(8), 876-896.
Crevier, Marchand, Nachar & Guay (2015) focus their research on the relationship between individual offering social support to PTSD patients during their recovery stage. Their research indicates the tendency of caregivers, in this case, family, partners, relatives, and friends to the PTSD patients developing depressive and anxiety symptoms resulting from their association with the PTSD individuals.
Dinshtein, Y., Dekel, R., & Polliack, M. (2011). Secondary Traumatization Among Adult Children of PTSD Veterans: The Role of Mother-Child Relationships. Journal of Family Social Work, 14(2), 109-124.
Dinshtein, Dekel & Polliack (2011) study the existence of secondary traumatization of adult children to the soldiers with PTSD. The cause of the secondary trauma, that is, high physiological distress and reduced intimacy among the children was attributed to the relationship they have with the PTSD fathers. Furthermore, the authors look into the ability of a positive mother-child relationship to curb the manifestation of the psychological distress…

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