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Request for Make-Up Exam
I am writing to request for a makeup exam after I failed to do the exam at the appointed time due to unforeseen circumstances. I missed the exam because I fell sick during the exam week and was unable to come to school as I had to rest as part of the recovery process as recommended by the doctor. I had been feeling unwell a week to the exam and had ignored it thinking it would go away. I thought it was due to the fatigue caused by the busy school schedules that is the norm towards the end of the semester and the effort I had put in studying for the exam. I, therefore, did not give much attention to the frequent headaches and weakness that I felt then. I instead took painkillers and continued with my daily routine. Things, however, went from bad to worse and I was finally taken to the hospital the same weekend after I fainted at home while carrying out some household chores.
I was later diagnosed with Malaria and was given drugs and had to go for injections for a few days. I am currently on medication but recovering well and was allowed to continue with my daily activities. I have been able to go over the work that we have been doing throughout the semester, and I believe I am ready for the exam. While I expected that I would be done with the exam just like my fellow’s students and I had put in a lot of work and effort in studying for the exam, things did not go as planned. I, therefore, request that y…

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