Renaissanceand AgeofEnlightenment

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Renaissanceand AgeofEnlightenment

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Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment
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Renaissance and Age of Enlightenment
Enlightenment refers to the age of reason and the advanced development in the mid and early 17th century. The process of enlightenment was mainly marked by various changes which are thought to contrast sharply with the philosophies of that era (Walsham, 2013). Most of the enlightenment thinkers have cast off much in the religious, political and philosophical ideas which are different from the previous ones. Also, enlightenment was taken to be ideas of Descartes, and the French culminate in the revolutionary eras of an early 18th century.

Major aspects of enlightenment
One of the main changes of awareness was rationalism. Rene Descartes first introduced rationalism; rationalism started with the system of the methodological doubt. He was encouraged by many others like-minded thinkers partly responded to rationalism and gave and accord to the empiricism which also developed during the enlightenment period (Walsham, 2013).
Another change which was evolved was skepticism. In contrast to rationalism, skepticism holds more knowledge on Christianity. The skeptical argument s gives more notions on the resonated in both philosophy and the current science. Also, an important note about enlightenment on the philosophical ground is noticeable since it has shifted away from the metaphysics and has moved more towards the epistemology. On the side, if meta…

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