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remember the titansor another sports article

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Remember the Titans
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The primary purpose of the film is to enlighten the people of the existence and threat of racism in American communities. It is also purposed to enhance racial integration, equality, and justice. Racism and segregation are still practiced in institutions, the blacks are being discriminated and are not allowed to occupy positions (Collett, Kelly & Sobolewski, 2010). In the film is notable that the organizing committee of St. Williams High school does not want Herman Boone to be the head coach of its football team just because he is black and yet he performs well.
The key question in the author’s mind could be, why do people believe that racism is the theme of the past and not covered by the media? The author wants to elaborate that racial discrimination and prejudice still lurks in the society. He wants to uncover how the media has turned the blind eye on the issue. The African Americans are still protesting in the streets due to inequalities and injustice of racism.
The popular soccer sports has been used to illustrate to depict racial issue and the way of drawing solution to it. It figures out the training and building of the football team by the use of biracial coaches and members. The movie illustrates how racism has become a hindrance to the performance of Titans.
The primary concepts in the movie are gender stereotypes and racial integration. Boone …

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