Religion – Sikhism

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Religion – Sikhism

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Religion – Sikhism
Sikhism is a religion that was started around the 15th century in Punjab, India. It was formed by an Indian called Guru Nanak. This is a religion that is unique from other religions present in the world today. Sikhism primarily teaches about showing love to one another. The principles and foundations of this faith are recorded in a book called the Guru Granth Sahib.
Guru Nanak constantly rebuked the rituals of Hindus and Muslims which he considered to be blind and meaningless (Singh and Barrier 29). He passed his Sikhism beliefs to other nine Gurus who succeeded him. The last Guru was Guru Gobind Singh who died in 1708. These gurus laid a foundation for a religion that is currently ranked as the fifth largest in the world today.
Guru Gobind Singh is known for his establishment of the Khalsa Order. The term Khalsa means the pure soldier saints. This movement is tasked with upholding of the religion’s virtues such as dedication and social consciousness. An individual aspiring to join the Khalsa order is required to undergo a Singh’s baptism (24). Members of the order are expected to follow and protect the religion’s doctrines. Men of the Khalsa Order are expected to have long uncut hair that is covered with a turban. They also carry a ceremonial sword called a Kirpan.
During Guru Gobind Singh last days he felt that Sikhism religion would be better without human Gurus. He gave the reli…

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