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Religion Book review

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Book Review
Prophetic Preaching: A Pastoral Approach by Leonora Tisdale
The book by Leonora Tisdale is not only a good read, but it is bound to make an impact on the church as a whole through its targeted advocacy for prophetic preaching. Tisdale addresses the need to combine pastoral needs with prophetic teaching to achieve balanced spiritual nourishment. Tisdale relies heavily on the work of Marvin McMickle who originally wrote “Where Have All the Prophets Gone?” replicating this title in her first chapter. Her book, which is mainly guided by personal experiences, challenges preachers to stop avoiding prophetic witness and instead take the bold step to voice the truth to power (Tisdale 2010, 41-42).
Tisdale’s book is of great relevance in a world where pastors tailor their sermons according to what their congregation wants to hear or what fellow preachers are doing. According to McMickle (2006, 10), prophetic preaching has slowly lost its place in the modern church as pastors deliver more of prosperity gospel and comforting sermons. In her book, Tisdale makes a note of the same and alludes that prophetic preaching, besides comforting recipients, challenges them to change their worldview. This proposition resonates with what Williams (2018, 221) quotes in her book, that prophetic ministry has a role of nourishing, nurturing and evoking consciousness that transpires beyond the dominant culture we see in our daily lives.

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