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A Suggested Procedure for Relaxing Questionnaire
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In this essay, we shall rate our relaxation from 1 to 5, pre and post a relaxation procedure. Afterward, we have to answer a series of questions concerning the exercise.
1. Did you notice a change in your level of relaxation?
When I started, I was around 4. The day had been quite stressful, and the procedure made me feel at ease and better with myself. I would say that my relaxation post-procedure lowered to 1.
2. How easily were you able to focus on the relaxation exercise when doing it?
At the beginning, it was hard. However, after item number 6, it all went better. As I started moving my chest, and back toward the wall, the tension began to fade. After taking a deep breath, I found that I was able to focus better on myself, and less on my surroundings.
3. If you found some difficulty, please describe.
At the beginning, the outside world made hard to keep my focus. It was not until step 3 that my surroundings did not matter as much as before. I was able to silence my inner voice, and focus better on the procedure. However, it is hard to find genuinely a place where one can be in peace. That was the main difficulty I had when attempting to relax.
4. In What Situations do you Think Exercises Like This Might be Useful?
Every day, people get to their houses all stressed out, and they lack a procedure where they can cool dow…

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