Reinstating the military draft

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Reinstating the military draft

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Argumentative Essay on Reinstating the Military Draft
In the recent years, hundreds of thousands of men and women in the military have been sent overseas in nations such as Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria for international duties of helping to combat terrorism. The US is among the countries which have vowed to help politically unstable nations recoup following constant threats from international terror groups such as the Al Qaeda. In the long run, this leaves the nation without enough military personnel to protect the nation from terror threats emanating within the US boundaries (Kane 6). The reinstatement of the military draft is necessary because the US has lost a surmountable number of its military personnel leaving the nation without sufficient troops.
No one can refute the fact that serving in the military is just an ordinary occupation. Since the suspension of conscription in 1973, there is no single American who has been inducted into the army without their consent. Thousands of those who have been sent overseas have not survived, and this showcases their inadequacy in addressing such situations. Some of them are not ready, unqualified and semi-trained because they joined the military to reap from the advantages associated with the military while other lacked other alternatives in life and therefore decided to enroll in the military (Bacevich 37).
Recently, there have been numerous incidents of terror attac…

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