Reform movement

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Reform movement

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Reform Movement of Antebellum America.

The Antebellum American period is argued to have been between the years 1787 to the period just before the Civil War, but there seems to be a consensus that it took place from 1812. A reform movement is based on liberal idealisms, and it is different from a revolutionary kind of movement. This period saw the formation of the United Stated Constitution in Philadelphia in the year 1787 after the Articles of Confederation failed to maintain a stable economy.
According to Carwardine (1997), the religious revival that took place stirred many reforms and the realization that an individual could relate with God without a spiritual leader overseeing them lead to the liberation of the people. It is said and I quote “If all men are born equal, and all endowed with unalienable rights by their creator, in the blessing of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, then there can be no just reason, as a cause, why he may or should not think, and judge and act for himself in matters of religion, opinion, and private judgement.”
One reformer by the name Nat Turner led a rebellion in Southampton County Virginia where 60 whites were killed but as a result, 56 slaves were executed on suspicion of leading the rebellion. It brought such disturbance that there were 100 to 200slaves killed in the paranoid aftermath and slave restrictions made more intense (Bates 2010). Shortly after that, John Brown led some followers in raiding…

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